We have brought out some development programmes that have been popular among our clients. As we consider it essential to prioritise the interests and needs of each our client, we tailor the content of each development programme accordingly so that the programme will produce the most suitable results. In practice it often means specifying and supplementing the content and sometimes also combining training programmes with each other.  We always create the best solution for our client and all the options are possible.  


  • Special development programme about cultural differences in cooperation with the global top training company Richard Lewis Communications  READ MORE
  • Intercultural Communication   
  • Communication Skills in Practice
  • Good Customer Service 
  • Sales Psychology
  • Customer-Centric Active Sales
  • Effective Leader
  • Coaching
  • Successful Negotiations
  • Mediation Psychology
  • Persuasion and Influence
  • Public Speaking 
  • Train the Trainers
  • Communication Styles in Practice
  • Effective Time Management
  • Successful Stress Management
  • Motivation and Happiness 
  • Goal Achievement
  • High Performing Team
  • Communication Styles in Team
If interested in any topic, we would gladly introduce to you all the topics thoroughly. We would therefore like to welcome you to contact us so as to introduce to you our opportunities under each topic in detail.


Hea Koolitus OÜ / Juhataja: Veiko Värk
To create the best solution for the client at first we should set a clear goal - what does the client want to achieve. Sometimes the client would not be completely aware of this from the start - in this case, we would be glad to meet the client, to create personalised goals through conversation and some coaching. 

After the goals have been set we can create the solution that helps to achieve the goals efficiently. To understand the client´s context as good as possible we often conduct thorough interviews with the participants before the training days. This gives us a good picture about how the situation looks from the point of view of the participants and where they can see the biggest room for improvement. Getting to know the client´s world thoroughly enables us to create the development programme that meets the participants´ needs at the optimal level and hence helps the client to achieve the goals - that makes it a profitable investment. 

To motivate the participants already before the training days, we often give some preliminary tasks. This can in turn give us valuable addition for the content of our development programme.  

Our trainings are always highly practical. A significant part consists of interesting exercises, group work and discussions. Participants have diverse opportunities to implement the new knowledge right on spot, in a coached environment and efficiently to develop and improve their skills. At the trainings aimed to develop communication skills, we conduct exciting role-plays. It is also possible to record the role-plays and analyse them later together - this has helped to improve communication skills especially efficiently in practice. 

Participants always get practical tools from our trainings that are easy to generalise and implement in their real lives and business, which helps them to achieve success in their field.  

We consider it highly important to also pay attention to the motivation of the participants at our trainings, because organisations will only benefit from the new knowledge and skills of the participants if participants are motivated enough to implement these for the success of the organisation. To rise participants´ motivation we have made our trainings easy to follow and used as simple language as possible, inspiring practical examples, humour and positivity, also while handling more complicated topics. "A good trainer must think like a philosopher, but speak like a farmer ... - to guarantee that everyone gets the point!"    

To make the implementation of the new knowledge and skills easier after the training at the client´s context, it is highly important to think about it already during the training preparation, to create an action plan for it in advance. Some of these can start being created by the client themselves, while we can provide support to the client with conducting follow-ups at agreed time, coaching, consultations etc.   

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Hea Koolitus OÜ / Juhataja: Veiko Värk