Coaching is a process that aims to encourage, develop, support and inspire people to reach their full potential. A coach is a professional in the field, who has completed special preparation to conduct the coaching process in practice. Coaching can be beneficial for everyone at certain moments. 

Coaching is aimed mainly at the present and the future. Often, the aim of the process is to help the clients to develop their mediocre reality to the great future - but it can also help to get from already quite good current situation to the even better desired state. 

During the coaching process special techniques and methods are applied to analyse:
Current situation - where the client is at the moment; 
Desired situation - where the client would ideally like to be; 
Possible solutions - how to get from the current situation to the desired situation; and
Action plan - what are the concrete actions that the client can undertake to be better equipped at achieving the goal.   

Hea Koolitus OÜ manager Veiko Värk is internationally certified professional coach.  
When could coaching be beneficial?     
Classically coaching could be a useful tool for example at following situations:  
  • Client has reached the "crossroads" - situation where s/he needs to choose the direction to move on to, but is struggling at making the right choice;  
  • Client has a goal or dream, but s/he does not have a clear plan on how to achieve the goal; 
  • Client feels that something seems to be missing, but s/he is not completely aware of what this could be; 
  • Etc. 
Hea Koolitus OÜ / Juhataja: Veiko Värk
In the context of developing people, in addition to the afore mentioned points, coaching also enables various other possibilities. 

A coaching session of the participant of the training with a manager or trainer would allow for a discussion how the person has been doing, how s/he could apply the new the knowledge and skills as efficiently as possible, and what kind of support s/he needs for that. This helps guarantee that the newly obtained knowledge and skills will be 100% implemented and the impact of the invested in development programme is solidified.   

It might be a very good idea to also develop the coaching skills of the managers of the company or organisation so that they can motivate and support their subordinates better and encourage them to the bigger independence. We can be of support through delivering a suitable development programme to your managers.    

If the coach is a professional trainer on a wide range of topics, besides being a coaching expert - adds great extra value to the coaching process.  It enables the combination of the classical coaching with individual consultations in an appropriate field. 

For example, if client wants to make his everyday use of time more effective, during classical coaching part, the coach can help the client himself to discover time wasters and create an action plan to avoid this. However, in addition to this, during the individual consultation part, the coach can also introduce to the client various practical and efficient time management tools that can also be implemented if these suit his context. 

The combination of coaching and individual consultation can help to enhance results that stand-alone classical coaching or training can have.   

Such a solution is definitely worth considering if there are, for example, only 1-2 employees in a company or organisation who would need a concrete training.  If these 1-2 employees will at first get an individual consultation from the trainer based on their specific needs, followed by coaching conversations - this will allow for the possibility of the creation of a concrete action plan, to implement the learned new knowledge and skills and follow the implementation of it. As a result there will be a considerable improvement and the return on investment will be impressive.    
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