is a voluntary process, during which, a conciliator, as an impartial third party, facilitates communication between parties, with the purpose of assisting them in finding a solution to their dispute. This is therefore the mediation of negotiations of parties by the professional negotiation expert.    

Hea Koolitus OÜ manager Veiko Värk is an experienced mediator - he has been acting as professional business mediator since 2014 and besides mediating he has also delivered several trainings about successful mediation to other mediators. By now he has already mediated over 60 cases, 70% of which have ended in an agreement.

Mediation is a contact point of law and psychology in practice - good understanding of both of these fields creates excellent preconditions to achieve success. Therefore, such a high percentage of successful agreements is probably influenced by the suitable personal characteristics of the mediator, the fact that the mediator has a background of both law and psychology - and he can hence implement both his knowledge and experience from the field of law and also excellent communication and negotiations psychology knowledge and skills.      

When could mediation be beneficial? 

Basically, it is always worth considering if negotiations with another party, may for some reason not flow as smoothly. 

Mediation - mediating the negotiations by the professional negotiations expert - reduces the deficiencies of (usual) negotiations, these being lack of information, its unreliability and the distortion of perceived information. It helps to transform a perceived conflict situation into win-win situation.   

Mediation is also an excellent alternative to court proceedings, because it is significantly quicker and less expensive - in addition, it adds added value through recovering and improving the relationships between parties. 

Moreover, in case of court proceedings the first suggestion from the judge to the parties tends to be the making of an agreement. It is therefore way more beneficial to attempt to reach to the reasonable agreement through the mediation - before a whole year has already spent for waiting for a trial and thousands of euros for legal expenses. Even if mediation will not lead the parties towards an agreement, it certainly gives a better overview of the situation and helps to make better decisions.

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